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Oliver Peyricot has created a wearable chair. I'm not sure whether you can only wear it while sitting or if the seat is flexible so that you can also wear it while standing/moving. A rough translation of the product description from the babel fish --

"Comfort with nearest: self-service design to be related to oneself, more piece of furniture that one wears, the WYS (Wear Your Seat) settles like a seat and threads like a prosthesis. Maintained by a rigid file (with height of lumbar), it offers a comfort tender and measured to each part of the back, sitting or upright."

Peyricot also has also developed Body Props, several ergonomic forms intended to support the body while resting on the floor. His attention to human form reminds me of the Design for Wearability work done at CMU several years ago.

- seen in Clear magazine, vol III issue 3


Or for a better translation:
The closest comfort: self design to be worn on one's self, more furniture than clothing, the WYS (Wear Your Seat). Put it down like a chair and wear it like a prosthesis. Maintained by a rigid back (at the level of the lumbar region), it offers soft and well-measured comfort to each section of the back, whether sitting or standing.

awesome -- thank you!

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