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Have an iPod? Want to blast your music out on the street? Concerned about what the local fashionistas might think? Worry no more! Dr. Bott is selling two speaker bags that let you "take your iPod out in Gucci-style".

These incognito boom boxes were featured on a few months ago. "When an accessory lets you flaunt your style, musical taste and tech skills and carry everything you need for the day, you know that form and function haveófinallyófallen in love."


Well I suppose this was a long time coming, and I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed. At first I laughed my head off, "iPod Gucci-style". Yeah, these look like they got the Gucci treatment, not. Somehow I don't think these bags will make it onto the Apple Store website, if they do I'll eat my hat. But it does show that computers (iPod is a computer of sorts) are becoming more wearable, and companies are looking for 'suitable' applications. Plug and wear WiFi can't be to far off.

Yeah, these bags aren't something I'm racing out to buy. Neither are raspberry satin stiletto ankle boots, but they're featured in this month's Vogue. So who can account for taste? :) I just think it's great that products like these are being made at all and that they're catching the eye of people in the fashion biz.

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