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Moi is a "wearable electronic radiant light device", which is a fancy way to say "LED on a wire". I'm tempted to buy one for $25, though I'm more tempted to just make one myself.

Moi is the brainchild of 5050 Ltd, whose work results from a "fusion of design, engineering, social psychology, philosophy, fashion, style and contemporary culture." Their interest in the social implications and applications of technology is evident in their other wearable prototypes: the courtly bag, the loveJacket (which I think I'd prefer sans cricket chirps), and the mbracelet.


I think the cricket chirps is the coolest part. Better then frog mating songs at least. Did R2D2 ever get a love theme?

5050 looks like a cool place for a part-time job, internship or even consultancy (if they have the funds), while you're at parsons. it's in the west village too!

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