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As of yesterday, I'm officially "wearing". (I heard this term used last year at ISWC by one of the borgs: "There are fewer people wearing this year." To me, it has the connotations of "packing" and seems only slightly more benign!)

I've got on the SenseWear Pro Armband from BodyMedia, a Pittsburgh-based company that designs and develops wearable body monitors. The armband records things like movement, skin temperature, galvanic skin response, etc. and is meant to be worn 24/7 minus showering/baths. I was surprised by how aware of it I was all day yesterday and by how much it bothered me. But I'm equally surprised that I've hardly noticed it today. In fact, it feels strangely warm and comforting.

The designers at BodyMedia have been involved with some other cool projects, such as Mariko Mori's Wave UFO. In the exhibit, three people would each attach a triangular-shaped device to their foreheads and then lay down in the domed Wave UFO. The forehead devices collected participants' brainwaves, which were then visually interpreted and displayed on the ceiling above them.


please post with any companies with needs for users to test their stuff.

I would be more than willing to wear the BodyMedia device 24/7. I also was interested in a job there, but they wanted someone with more 'machine learning experience. My skills will change this fall with Moore's course, but I'm still puzzles as to what their plans are to process this sensor data.

Maybe it's just to personalize the results: as a user wears the device longer, it will become better suited to their body.

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