Watch out, Inspector Gadget!

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Reliance Mobile in India has a new watch phone, the Telson TWC 1150. Integrated into the watch are a 256-color LCD, 12-button keypad, 6-button control pad and plug-in camera. There's also an infrared earpiece (hurrah! no wires running up the arm) and a finger-ring receiver (interesting idea, but photos and a description of the ring are suspiciously missing from the product info page).

They've managed to pack all of the watch components into about 3.5 ounces, which is in the range of other current camera phones. This may seem light, but there's a big difference between carrying 3.5 ounces in your pocket and wearing this weight on the end of your arm for an extended period of time. Try it for yourself.

The device, which was "ergonomically designed for the young generation", will be sold in India for $529. Hopefully the youth in India have a lot of disposable income and the desire to look like a cartoon detective!

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Yeah, when I think "people with lots of money" the first thing that comes to mind is definitely young people in India.

Without a doubt.

I know. Pretty crazy.

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