loop reactive surfaces

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Rachel Wingfield makes amazingly beautiful electronic textiles. Under the name loop, she develops light emitting fabrics for the home that respond to their environment and facilitate visual communication.

Her research and resulting products aim to address big issues like seasonal affect disorder, sustainability, and the use of technology in the home. Digital Dawn (detail shown here) is a window covering that helps to maintain light levels in a room, responding to low light by increasing its own luminosity. Other pieces include a light-emitting bedspread that acts as an alarm clock, a tablecloth that displays where objects have rested for long periods of time, and wallpapers that light up according to noise levels or power consumption.

The intricacy and beauty of these textiles indicate deliberate and thoughtful attention to design. In Rachel's words, "Established notions of aesthetic and beauty do not have to be exchanged for function; therefore an organic interpretation is sought in opposition to the often clinical and futuristic shine of 'intelligent' materials."


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