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the space between


Hot off the heels of ISWC, I'm already lusting over other conferences.

The Space Between is an international conference looking at textiles, art, design, fashion, and the "fluid spaces between the familiar domains of [these] traditional disciplines". They have a great speaker line up, including Lucy Orta and Marie O'Mahoney, author of Techno Textiles and Cyborg: The Man-Machine. For those fortunate enough to attend, the conference will take place in beautiful Perth, Australia next April.

- Thanks to Chad for the conference link!

functional clothing design

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At ISWC I attended a tutorial entitled ìMaking Computers Wearableî. It was taught by Susan Watkins, who wrote Clothing: The Portable Environment (unfortunately out of print), and Lucy Dunne, a masters student in Apparel Design at Cornell. Susan and Lucy share an interest in functional clothing design and talked about the practical issues of integrating technology into textiles and garments. They covered topics such as weight and bulk distribution, heat and moisture dispersion, cut and fit of garments, frictional drag of fabric, the bodyís sensitivity to pressure, and other related topics.

If youíre interested in this kind of thing, you might want to subscribe to a new d-list created by Lucy and Aaron Toney from the University of South Australia. Send an email with the subject ìsubscribeî to broadcloth at hhhh dot org.

the hum of technology

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I arrived in New York last night for ISWC. When I walked into my hotel room, I was confronted with a loud, high-pitched hum -- one that really would have kept me up all night. I was able to move to another room where the noise has a lower pitch and is slightly quieter, but it's still there.

Turns out the hum is residual noise from the parking garages and two large shopping malls that surround the hotel. If the electricity from these facilities creates noise that disturbs me on a conscious level, I wonder what the sub-conscious and cellular effects are... As someone who wants to put electronics all over the body, this really disturbs me.

I've checked the conference program, and no one is discussing the health considerations of wearable electronic or wireless devices. This disturbs me even more.

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