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iPod accessories

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The iPod and its smaller sibling, the iPod mini, have designers vying for a chance to dress them up.

Apple's own armband lets you wear the mini on your upper arm. (I have issues with simply strapping a rectangular object to the body, but I'll save that for another post.)

From MARWARE comes the SportSuitô Runabout, also for the iPod mini. This neoprene and terry cloth case is designed to be worn on the wrist. Although the attachment looks sturdy and comfortable, this case suffers from the same problem as the LAKS MP3 player watch does -- a cord reaches from the wrist to the ear.

Borderline wearable, the leather iPod cases from Vaja, which come with an optional belt clip, certainly win the style competition. You can even customize the case by picking from an array of color combinations. The fashionistas who run Daily Candy say, "You wouldn't be caught dead in cheapo nylon. What makes you think your gadget should?"

- Thanks to Haven for the link to MARWARE.

Update on March 17, 2004:
Gucci's now in the game! If you thought the Vaja cases were expensive at $35 - $70, don't choke when you hear that the classically styled Gucci iPod case is $195.


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