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Burton strikes again

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At Mac World in January, Apple and Burton Snowboards unveiled the now infamous Burton Amp Jacket, an electronic jacket with integrated iPod controls. Less than a year later, they've released four additional products: a backpack, a women's jacket, and two additional men's jackets.

All of the products contain SOFTswitch technology, which enables electronic components to be built into soft, flexible textiles. The backpack's controls are built into the shoulder strap, while the three jackets wear their controls on their sleeves.

I hate to be critical because I think these are really exciting products, but I can't help saying that I just don't like the style of the jackets. The men's jackets are ok (and I admit they bear a resemblance to my own less-than-stylish sporty black winter coat), but the women's jacket is really awful. Granted, I'm not a snowboarder, and I'm sure the jackets will sell out regardless, but I still think there's an opportunity for these products to expand outside their original target audience.

- Thanks to Abe for the link to Cool Hunting

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