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As another semester begins, I'm reminded that CMU really doesn't have any great classes for people interested in exploring interface and interaction design for wearable computers. Two classes I'd love to take:

1) Columbia's User Interfaces for Mobile and Wearable Computing. Class topics include input devices, applications, context awareness, form and function, and wearability. Students give presentations on displays, body-worn sensors, assistive interfaces, collaboration, privacy/social issues, and augmented reality.

2) Ivrea's Designing for The Body in Context. Students explore the functional/cultural/personal value of items kept on or near the body -- everything from wedding rings and eyeglasses to pens and cell phones. They then go through a series of exercises that culminate in the design of a new wearable device. Along the way they sketch, create storyboards, research cellular technology, and create a video. Not bad for four weeks! The class site currently links to many completed exercises and final projects from this year's students and has an amazingly extensive list of references and resources. I could easily get lost for hours.



There, there. I will gladly teach you everything I know about wearable computing, and you don't even have to buy me a beer.

C'mon, kerry. Every problem in my class could be posed as a wearable solution, and stay tuned for my special topics class in spring '04.

that sounds like a dare! ;-)

you're right -- there is a huge space to be explored in terms of wearables applications and i do have opportunities to do that. but i feel there's a difference between creating wearable solutions and having the time to focus on the core design, interaction, technology and social issues surrounding these solutions.

i'd love to hear what you have in mind for spring 04.

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