tattoos: not just for rebels anymore

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A few months ago Haven suggested to me that studying tattoos might give me some ideas about the future design of wearable computers. Turns out he's not so crazy after all...

In the book Stylemakers: Inside Fashion, the authors talk about David Wolfe, one of Seventh Avenue's foremost fashion forecasters, and his ideas about tattoos. "Based on research from [the MIT experimental clothing laboratory], he predicts a future amalgamation of apparel and technology. 'Tattooing and body piercing are the first steps in this transformation,' he maintains. In less than a century, Wolfe predicts, fashion will be driven more by innovation provided by technology ñ heat-sensitive fabrics, holographic prints, computer-generated designs ñ than by traditional artistry. There will no longer be designers per se ñ only 'technicians,' he prognosticates. The very term 'designer' will seem archaic."

Haven and the fashion maven might just be right...

In 1997 Wired ran an article on a programmable tattoo that could be used as a medical monitor, sensing things like insulin levels.

In a related vein, slashdot recently posted a link to an article about spray on computers. The spray is actually millions of tiny "semiconductor specks" that communicate with each other over wireless. Another medical monitor, the spray would "go on the chest and monitor the performance of the heart." They plan to get this working within four years.

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How cool would it be to have a tattoo that changes its appearance based on its ability to read your emotional state (via temperature, heart rate, etc.)? A sun could burn red or cool to a black hole. Bodies become dynamic canvases...

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