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CMU held a technical job fair yesterday. It was pretty miserable for those of us in HCI, and particularly so for those of us who want to specialize within the field.

Just to relate one experience, I approached a recruiter from a major wireless provider, which shall remain nameless (err, well nearly nameless). I explained that I was interested in wearable computing and that I was sure his company would be looking into wearable technology in the near future if they weren't already. He said, "No, we're not going to be getting into that."

Now I realize that wireless providers don't make their own hardware, but they've got to be aware that wearables are on the horizon. A report by Thinking Materials says that "Wearing a mobile phone instead of carrying one in your pocket will make you use the phone more often." Don't tell me wireless providers aren't interested in how often people use their phones.

Figuring that wearables just weren't on this guy's radar, I asked if he'd take my resume and he said, "No." No?! C'mon, it was a job fair after all...


Hi Kerry,

See that you are doing good...
FYI: You just experienced what I experienced last year. As a HCI graduate, the only (I shouldn't say but will say it) place you can get a job at this moment and maybe continue in 2004 with a specialized area in HCI will be at MSR, IBM Lab, and maybe MIT if you are considering another degree!

I was so into the IM and found myself with less and less job opportunities last year and this year so I had to go with the mainstream - UCD, UI Design, Interaction design, or usability stuff...

It's sad but that was the trend in 2003 and will see what happens in 2004. Good luck!

I am sorry you had such a bad experience at the TOC, Kerry. I suspected that would be the case so I didn't even bother showing up, the one year that I am actually looking for a job, I don't go to the job fair. ;-) In any case, I think the thing for us to do is target specific companies and contact them directly (the career center keeps a directory of contacts, which *might* be helpful.)

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