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Cyberdog, a company that appears to be devoted to progressive clothing and techno music, is selling electonic t-shirts. (To find them, click on "t-shirts" and then "light-tee s/s" or "light vests".) Their designs include one with a 32-character programmable scolling message on the chest and another with a sound-activated graphic equalizer. Unfortunately they only have a picture of the scrolling message tee, though there are animations for the rest. I can't decide if these shirts are cool or goofy. Maybe they're both.

Something I don't hear much about is how you wash this type of clothing. Cyberdog says that each shirt comes with a battery pack and plug in module, the removal of which I would assume makes the shirts washable, but I'm not completely sure about that.

If you visit their site, it's worth taking five minutes to look through the rest of their clothes. A few things interest me, like their long drape skirt, but clearly I am not in their target audience! Still, it's fun for a look.


i have a pair of pants from cyberdog, which have... well, blinky lights. anyway the blinky lights are installed in a way that makes it possible to remove them, so the pants can be washed. it wouldn't surprise me if their other clothing was designed similarly.

Can someone plase tell me were I can find more articles like this??? I truley lovw reading this stuff.

anyway the blinky lights are installed in a way that makes it possible to remove them, so the pants can be washed. it wouldn't surprise me if their other clothing was designed similarly.

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The coolest t-shirt has now been created. This T-Shirt is sound-activated which means that it dances as you dance. As the music beats, the shirt equalizer lights up to the sound of the music. It is powered by 4 AAA batteries.

T-shirt design can be a pricey business. There are so many things to consider when you enter your local print shop: the expense of four-colour processing, the complexity of creating multiple templates, not to mention the cost of creating each individual screening template.

The electronic t-shirts is some thing which is very good thing to get know about, I think this kind of information has good to get know about and it is really nice to have such information.

How Could be create this? this will be very dangerous for the human body, What is the purpose behind this to making this T-shirt, I want to know some more information about this electronic T-shirt, Tell me also some Advantages of this T-shirt please.

The electronic t-shirts is some thing which is very good one to get for wearing and I think this is really good to have such things in t-shirts because it gives them a new style.

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