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The ScotteVest (actually a jacket that converts to a vest) "allows users to discretely carry multiple electronic devices in the concealed, ergonomically designed pocket system." The jacket/vest has a patent-pending "Personal Area Network", which is just a hidden channel in the fabric through which you snake your headphone wires. (I've seen this feature in other jackets and am kind of surprised that it's patent-pending. I'm also surprised they're calling it a Personal Area Network, as this is a wireless term.)

It says that you can carry "digital cameras, portable keyboards, GPS devices, small laptop computers, two-way radios, bottled water, airplane tickets, magazines, wallets, keys, and much more". I've talked to some people who think pockets are the answer to wearable computing, but I'm not sold. First, I'm sure this jacket/vest weighs at least 73 pounds when loaded with all this gear. Second, a heavy, clunky torso is not exactly a fashion ideal for either men or women.

This product may currently fill a need for gadget heads, but it can't be the long term solution.


Hm, this reminds me of those vests that fishermen wear in which they can hook all sorts of flies and other types of baits. Does that make it a 'wearable fishing vest'?

Although I think their vest would be great for my favourite passtime: birdwatching.

the weight issue seems like a red herring. if it weighs 73 pounds ("curse those uranium-acid batteries! they seemed like such a good idea on paper!") in pockets then surely the same gear attached to the body in a different way would still weigh 73 pounds?

style seems a more reasonable concern. although if you can tailor a suit to fit around so unlikely an object as a holstered gun, surely you can tailor a vest to look good with things in its pockets? but maybe you'd need to know in advance the shape and weight of the contents. although you could constrain the possible shapes, based on the shape of the pockets...

ok, well 73 pounds was a bit of an exaggeration... but if i were going to cart around all of the items listed, i think i'd rather just carry a backpack than cram all of it into my jacket. (i know from experience that carrying a small water bottle in a jacket pocket can be pretty uncomfortable all by itself.) to the ScotteVest's credit, the distribution of weight that would result from its various pockets would create a much more balanced load than, say, two pockets located at the waist.

and yes, i agree that some targeted tailoring could go a long way with this type of thing. but mass is mass, and if you've got a water bottle in your pocket, people are going to notice... :)

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